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photographer contact and bio
photographer contact and bio

Peter Buranzon, photographer
Peter L. Buranzon
p.o. box 1073
el granada • ca • 94018

photographer contact and bio

Thanks for visiting my website and taking an interest in my photography.

My story is simple.

I remember being at a friend's house going through a shoe box of old photographs. I was struck by the faces and history I saw and this was my epiphany. I bought my own camera and started capturing life as I saw it.

What began as a hobby in the mid-eighties has become a passion and a career.

My home, studio and inspiration is Half Moon Bay, California.

photographer contact and bio

The emotional impact and documentary value of photography is unmistakable. Whether it is the innocent smile on a child's face or a colorful, cloud filled sky, a photograph says what often cannot be put into words.

My focus is on creating images that provide a lifetime of memories.

I believe in a friendly, no pressure setting where everyone is encouraged to participate. Having fun is just as important as capturing the moment.

While a majority of my work is environmental portraiture, I am also available for family, corporate, and special events.

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